Motherhood - Isabelle Grace

We interviewed our girl Isabelle Grace, mama to little cutie Dakota Sage. She is often wearing our satin short and long sets throughout her motherhood journey. She also rocked our first ever Christmas range matching with Dakota which featured iconic Australian animals. We loved seeing them in Sleepy Society!

Q. What is the best part of being a mother?

A. I'd say all of it but mostly just having the cutest 24/7 life bestie you never knew you could love so much!

Q. Looking back on your motherhood journey so far, what was the hardest part for you?

A. The hardest part was learning to love myself again because I wasn't prepared for the rebirth of the woman I was going to become after giving birth.

Q. Any tips for new mums / mothers to be?

A. Don't listen to all the "advice" you get. Listen to your intuition, you know what's right for you and bub.

Q. What helped you get through the early months of motherhood doing it on your own?

A. Being a single mumma has been one of the hardest yet greatest learning experiences of my life and what got me through was most definitely my own mum. She was there whenever I needed her. Through becoming a mother myself I've grown a greater love and respect for my own mum too.

P.S Pjs are made for mum life, everyone needs Sleepy Society because why bother getting dressed when you're just going to be home with your little babe all day.

We love seeing you in Sleepy Society sleepwear throughout your motherhood journey Isabelle!