Sleepy Society offer complimentary embroidery service (one embroidery per pyjama set). Personalise your pyjamas so it is uniquely tailored to you, or whoever you are buying it for. Add personality and character by choosing what you would like to have embroidered. You can have up to 10 letters/numbers max. Embroidered colour will be contrasted in the same colour as the piping and buttons. Please contact us if you have specific requirements.

Embrodiery positioning:

a) Above the pocket

b) On pocket - top 

c) On pocket - bottom 

(see examples below)

Please email us if you have specific requirements on font styles or where you would like the embroidery on the pyjamas e.g end of sleeve, more than one monogram etc. If you would like more than one embroidery on the sleepwear set, it will be a $10 per extra embroidery. 

Lead time:

Please allow up to 5 business days for embroidery services on top of shipping times 

Ideas for embroidery:

Initials - A, AH

Name - first, last or full name


Family - Mummy / Mum / mama, sister, daughter, your children's names 

Events - Bride, Bride to be, bridesmaid, bridal crew, Mrs xxx

Fun - bestie, wifey, sexy, fiance, any pet nicknames or be creative

Font options:

Bold - Brantford

ae text font styles

Cursive - Allegra Script 


Font: Allegra Script

Position: on pocket - top


Font: Brantford

Position: on pocket - top



Font: Brantford

Position: on pocket - bottom


Font: Allegra Script

Position: on pocket - top

*Please note with monogramming due to the nature of the material it is sometimes difficult to get the text 100% straight. The monogram gives a hand quality feel however as another option we can offer print on the garment.

Please see pic for reference below. If you would prefer this please send us an email with the order number and let us know you would prefer print for the text. Please note this does not wash off unless in dryer (which are not recommended for these pyjamas).